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About Sudbury River Woodworks

Carpenter at Work

Sudbury River Woodworks' Scot Finnie designs and builds custom furniture, cabinets, built-ins and wooden solutions for home, garden, patio, and workshop. He works in Boston's metro-west region for customers in the greater Boston area.


"I believe that furniture should be built to purpose. It's fascinating to me that it plays two largely unrelated roles. Furniture shapes a home's personality: Form, style, finish, texture and color reflect the tastes and preferences of the people who live there. Furniture's second role is to perform a function. A dresser holds clothes. A dining table serves meals. Even a small, seldom-noted side table serves a purpose as an accent point for an obscure corner or long hallway, for example. Such reasons for being may seem mundane, but they are no less important to the final piece as is its form and style. Any wooden object should be purpose-built to these two goals." --- Scot Finnie

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